• Case histories

    Using a number of practical examples in the form of case histories, you can see below what we mean by conceiving, developing, and packaging food concepts for retailers. Often, it is a complete food concept, created from start to finish, recognisable from the icon above with the small bulb inside. Alternatively, it could be a custom-made packaging assignment, recognisable from the above icon in the centre. Occasionally, it involves supplying products that are more or less ready to go when they come to us; this is recognisable from the EDI icon, top right.

  • Range

    We have conceived, developed, and packaged a great many fresh food concepts. Take a look at our extensive range below. It varies from fresh finger food, sauces, superfoods, sea vegetables, and other flavours for fish, salad, or meat.
  • Conceiving & developing

    Using a number of practical examples in the form of case histories, you can see what we mean by conceiving and developing food concepts for retailers. Our food concept ‘products’ are produced in bulk elsewhere for strategic reasons on the basis of the specifications we have developed. This allows us to create independence and flexibility. It enables us to package a wide and varied range of refrigerated products at our modern BRC-certified packaging lines. Below are a number of examples of a food concept from beginning to end.
  • Packaging of food products

    We have various packaging lines in our BRC-certified and refrigerated production area, and we offer a wide range of packaging solutions for the food sector. This includes different types of cups, trays, sachets, and bags, which we can print on, band, or label. Because a flexible production process gives added value for our customers, our machines can quickly be converted for new types of packaging. The products in the packages can also be vacuum-packed and then gas-flushed and sealed using a mix of CO2 and nitrogen. This extends the life of the product in a natural way. In other words, options galore! Using a number of practical examples in the form of case histories, you can see below a number of packaging examples.
  • Logistics of food

    Using a practical example in the form of a case history, you can see what sort of thing we mean by logistic services involving food concepts for retailers. It ranges from maintaining files for GS1DAS and TraceOne to ensuring that the product is delivered to the correct distribution centre in the correct packaging with the help of EDI.
  • Deen Supermarkten

    The NatureCrops Quinoaburgers Fresh are now available at Deen Supermarkten in the Netherlands. The Quinoaburgers are packed in pairs (2x70g) and available in the flavors: apple-curry, onion and vegetables.

    Read the article on the NatureCrops website: “Quinoa benefits”.

    Enjoy your meal!


    Have a Quinoa Day!

    New in our range: the quinoa burgers from Nature Crops!
    Are you looking for a healthy, but especially tasty meat substitute? Or perhaps you would like something different for your barbecue, other than the usual meat or fish? In that case, try the quinoa burgers from Nature Crops! The burgers are organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose-free, and rich in high-quality proteins. Delicious at barbecues but also suitable for cooking in the oven or simply frying in a frying pan. Choice of 3 variants: Vegetable, Apple/Curry, and Onion. And just 123Kcal per burger.
    We package the burgers and organise sales. Interested? If so, please contact us.

    Menken van den Assem!

    1 October 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Ton and Frank embarking on their adventure and turning Menken van den Assem into reality. It started as the frozen food division, but is now better known as Menken van den Assem Frozen Food B.V. It went on to import foreign cheeses for a number of years with Ravoska, and sold them on to retailers. Now, we conceive, develop, and package fresh food concepts for retailers and their suppliers under the name Menken van den Assem Fresh Food B.V.

    In short, Ton and Frank have not sat on their laurels during the past 25 years. This year, we will be celebrating the 25 years of Menken van den Assem’s existence! To start with, there is this new website which is designed to better highlight everything that we have to offer.

    What else will we be doing? That’s a secret, for now. But keep a close eye on the website!