Case history: meat enhancers


Our meat enhancers were conceived on the basis of the idea that consumers want to be helped. Not just when preparing meat: “you don’t want to ruin an expensive piece of meat by not preparing it properly”. People also appreciate help when looking for variety in their meals: “what shall I eat now?”, and “what would go nicely with this?” The meat enhancer concept provide answers to these questions.

We help consumers by linking meat enhancers to the type of meat that they go well with, and by making things easy for them by presenting fresh products alongside the appropriate meat on refrigerated shelves, thereby helping to inspire consumers while they are shopping. The detailed preparation instructions on the packaging make sure that the cooking process cannot fail. Our aim with the meat enhancers is to make ordinary meals extraordinary, especially with the most delicious products that we make together with our partners. But without unnecessary additives, obviously.

The range of flavourings for meat is obtainable at various supermarkets and consists of:

  • Warm, fresh sauces: mustard-cream sauce with grain mustard, mushroom-cream sauce with a touch of port wine, pepper-cream sauce with a touch of cognac, béarnaise sauce with pure clarified butter and a game-cream sauce with Liege syrup
  • Rubs: roast, spicy oriental
  • Marinades: lemon-garlic

Packed in portions for 1 to 2 persons, so no more half-open packages that sit around for weeks in the fridge; guaranteed to be fresh. From idea to introduction, developed in just 9 months. And that is something we are proud of!