Case history: sachets of toppings


We are regularly approached by renowned food producers for filling small transparent sachets for ‘little extras’. Examples include a sachet of pine nuts to go with carpaccio, a sachet of dressing for salad, or a sachet of sauce to go with fish, and so on.

Sometimes, customers already know exactly what they want. And they will ask us to fill their sachets with a particular ingredient. They then supply the ‘total package’ to their own customers. Before it reaches that stage, we always carry out a line test and perishability tests.

However, we are also regularly approached to contribute ideas towards a concept. What tastes good with carpaccio but is nonetheless a bit different? We then look for the perfect combination, based on a briefing.

In such cases, we actually develop a product, with the preparation coming from one of our partners, which we then fill in sachets and supply to the customers.
We can package upwards of 3,000 sachets per run.