Case history: fish enhancers


All the same fish products on display – time for a change, we thought. With different products, as well as fish. Products that can change meals, make them tastier, and sometimes even make them healthier as well. That was the starting point for launching a range of fish enhancers onto the market.

We are now supplying an extensive range of flavourings for fish at various retailers in the fish sector, both in and outside the Netherlands. Such as sea vegetables:

– Seaweed salad, also known as wakame salad, following a Japanese recipe
– Glasswort
– Edamame (green soya beans)
– Sea lavender (Dutch seasonal product)

But also various sauces:

– Sauce ravigote; delicious with fried fish
– Cocktail sauce; delicious with prawns
– Mustard-dill sauce; delicious with smoked salmon

And also salmon eggs and blinis We package most products ourselves in our BRC refrigerated production area, and in collaboration with the customer we also provide the design and the printing of the private label packaging.